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       First off I just wanted to thank you Raptisoft for making such awesome games. I've lurked on the forums for a while but just wanted to say your the best. Boneyard is by far my favorite game on my iphone and rest assured that I'm buying your next game whatever that may be. So I'm interested in what your high score is and the strategy you used. 

Boneyard: 6950 (glitch?) : Level 25 Time 58:53 Morth, Perks; Creativity +2 starter skills, and the back pack. Rings used: 2 100% experience rings later switched to 200% mana regain and resist 35% damage. Ice magic in my opinion is op. I basically max out battle mage, rush, channel mana, magic shield. chill wind. The most important however is the ice armor....the real name escapes me. So even though I was getting slammed with a lot of damage I was regaining the armor faster. Eventually however around..... 3500 lets say a huge horde of imps game and the game started to lag. I literally killed several thousand of them relatively quickly and thus I got this score. (is that supposed to happen raptisoft?)

My next high score is 3116, also with Morth. But I'm interested in what you got, and whats your best strategy?


  • Generally it's better to say highscores based on wave number, rather than kill count. Because the imps multiply and if you don't kill them properly you could just sit there for years and get millions of kills. 

    My highest wave was 71 with a kc of like 2 million, I had every skill and I was around level 31 i think. Its on youtube if you care to watch it. 

    Y2k-Mp3 had a wave of 75 which is the only one higher than mine (without cheating), but he never posted screenshots or anything so I like to think I'm still the best but who really knows. Either way I don't think anyone is coming near my score for a while. haha
  • jsyk.. i dont think 2 100% exp rings stack... pretty sure i tested it before and had no increased effect after 100% (although the bonus exp from reforging DOES seem to go beyond the 100%.. i just cant be sure enough and i dont have the patience to test that one lol
  • It does stack in the sense that you can 400% total exp instead of 300%
    Say when you kill a skeleton you get 100 exp (not true but easy math) if you're wearing a 100% exp ring, it will multiply it by 2 to total 200 exp, if you're wearing another ring it multiplies the 200 by 2 again to give you 400 exp. 

    I'm like 99% sure it works that way, I remember testing it, also: with 2 "80% resistance to poison" rings, it multiplies together to give a total of 96% resistance compared to the 160% resistance that you actually want. 
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    I'm not the best out there by a long shot, but I've made it to wave 45 at 216926 before my iPad crippled under the intensity of so many imps lololol.

    Curious if I'm doing it the best way by using wazoo though. I usually upgrade every other skill before I go for max frost jet, so I have everything I need to stay alive, but maybe I should be prioritising damage more? I've always wondered about it but never tried lol. I find Athicus can't keep up once the huge hoards start because the push back from the ice missile isn't sufficient, let alone dealing with unholy imps, lol.

    Maybe if I knew how to use my levels and perks more appropriately I could do better, but for now I can only dream of going beyond wave 45 lol.
  • I used Wazoo for a long time as well, it seemed like the best option, however I would now choose Athicus, because he starts with magic missile and frost jet (in my opinion this is unarguably the best weld). Even though my highest non-hacked wave was 71 with Wazoo I think (I had maxed every skill so it didn't really matter).

    My advice is to use flash freeze to freeze imps and just keep them frozen, never kill them. The waves will keep going, and you will not have any lag at all. 
    Unfortunately after many imp waves your map may get a bit crowded haha. 
    Also I'm not sure 100% on how it works with the waves continuing with imps still on screen. I think it has to be imps that have been split (not the original spawned in from the game one) so like if 10 imps spawned you would have to kill each 0th generation imp and then freeze the remaining for it to continue, I'm not sure about this though because sometimes I don't have to do that. (Normally on boss waves, so maybe that's why?)
  • yea i never gott too far because i was playing it on an old iphone 4, not sure what wave i actually reached, but i doubt it was 45, although my score was up there in the 200k range aswell i think.. but lag eventually made it to be i would see 1 frame move every 10 sec, then just either take so long i quit out of frustration, or i would level up or get a skill, then it would just crash trying to transition.. ill have to dig my phone out n try doing the freezing thing tho.. you kill them while frozen? or you freeze them n then ignore n just kill the boss and never touch them again? or you just kill them after the boss dies and they wont split?
  • Freeze them forever, for the rest of your run. Haha. I did my wave 71 run with my old iPod Touch 4th gen, so if done right an iPhone 4 should be able to handle it easy. 
  • Hmm, just went back after reading through this, beat my high score by a factor of 4, although I only got 2 waves farther.
  • Very impressive...my high scores are nothing like this. lol
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