Fomb fidget

Great level so far, but it seems like there's nothing left to do and I can't figure out what to do.. Any tips?


  • Also just a note to fomb - when you shoot the green box on the left side it opens both that one and the one on the right side. Not sure if that was intentional but seems like maybe it wasn't.
  • Played Fidget a dozen or so times without success, funny little level :D

    I too have on a few occasions managed to remove two blocks at once by hitting just one switch with the gun, not sure what triggers this but I have played the level without this happening.

    From what I can tell, you should not activate the save point to the right of the robot's starting position before getting the heart to the left. Also not to shoot at least two creatures and not to remove the block to the right before getting the computer token but I have a feeling something crucial needs to happen to the right where the green token is and I'm not sure what exactly. Other than that I'm almost stumped, will continue to try and crack it!
  • I've gotten to the point of getting the helmet but then at that point the only thing left to do is get the "helmet delete" box and then you can't shoot the green box up top because there's no gun. I'm stumped at that point.
  • Thanks for playing my level.  :)
    This one has some tricky bits, especially where order is concerned.  Let me give you a few hints and hopefully it'll help.
    ---- There is only one gun in the game.  If you lose it (ever) you can't finish the level.  Don't lose the gun.  You may just be inclined to skip getting the double jump, but if you've made it as far as getting the helmet, you know you'll need it.  So, get the double jump, but don't lose the gun.

    ---- Some maneuvers require moving quickly.  Always remember, jumping (especially in a narrow tunnel) is quicker than walking.

    @kyleseglin  Yeah, I'm guessing what happened with the shot-panel opening two doors has to do with a little glitch in the shot-panel design.  If you use one shot panel, then leave the level and return, the panel becomes active again.  One could technically open all shot-panel doors in range with only one shot panel.  I imagine that maybe you left the game then selected "resume last game" which made the panel active again.  Maybe?  
    Either way, I would suggest trying it as intended without that one panel opening both doors (makes it a bit more challenging). 

    Hope this helps, let me know if it does.
    thanks for playing.
  • It's different than that-- The shot panel on the left seems to activate both simultaneously if both are visible on screen when you shoot the one. But I played it the way I figured you'd designed it to be played. And I figured out how to win based on your hint- that's a tricky one-- not losing the gun but getting the double jump. Great level!
  • @kyleseglin  Thanks again!  I'm glad you enjoyed the level.  :)

    That's very odd about the shot-panel.  It's definitely not doing that on my device (don't know why the device would make a difference anyway), so that may be a mystery.
    I did, on a couple of occasions, get two doors to open with one computer-haxxor activation.  I've done it a couple of times, but can't seem to reliably reproduce it.  It may just be a random glitch.
    Glitches an all, it's fun the way these things work out.

  • Hey one more note about this level-- you know it's possible to beat it without ever getting the second helmet? You can break the brick under the kitty prior to losing the first helmet and then you don't need to get the second one once you open the door under the kitty.
  • Yeah, I usually put a few things in there that can make things a bit easier if they're noticed.  That would be one of the things that would be removed if I made a "Fidget Hard" level.  ;)
  • Gotcha. I like it when you make modified versions of levels. The modifications inevitably change the level, which allows you to play the level again in a slightly different way-- cool way to keep it interesting.
  • Thanks!  :)
  • Probably need just one more hint if you'll oblige :)

    Seems like you have to sacrifice the blue block in order to get the heart but then in order to use the transporter, you'd need to get the zoom app which means you'll have to get the jump in order to get the green card.

    I'm not sure how to get the jump app without loosing the gun

    If you can indeed divulge another hint, perhaps PM me if you think your hint will give too much away...
  • Sure, it's not quite as clever as it might seem.  To avoid losing the gun you have to get the gun-removal app before getting the gun app.  To do that you'll just have to be very quick.
    A couple of tips on quickness:
    -jumping (especially through a narrow passage) is quicker than walking
    -you can start your walk a tiny bit before you actually transport
    -a well placed/timed jump will be necessary to get past the little blue eyeball guy before he pops you.
    Hope this helps.
  • Where did you get to? It's sneaky, but if you stick with it it's going to unravel itself nicely. After I started over about ten times, I finally managed to get the heart but got frustrated in trying to get past the snakes. I guess there must be some precise combination of movements, if you have the perseverance for that.
    Hope you get the kitty!
  • Nah I'm stuck in a vicious loop. I've played the level around 50 times now (seriously) and I've hit a roadblock (writers block) and just need help to have a fresh look at it, like a small hint.

    I have acquired the heart (at the expense of clearing the black block of course) as well as the double jump, green card and zoom app.

    "Get gun-removal app before getting the gun app"

    You see? This is such an obvious/easy statement I can't believe I missed! The same story in your latest level where you can get the remove-helmet app before the actual helmet-app.

    Thanks guys, I'll give t another "fresh" go...
  • Oh btw, excellent levels LoraFlora, I've been enjoying them all very much!
  • Great clocked it thanks! I feel so much better now, and a little embarrassed.
  • My comment was approved a thousand years late so it's totally out of context :))
    @fnanfne Thank you so much! x I still have a lot to improve though.
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