Stuck dying over and over on loading

In SK on level four, I used the magic key to escape the gated room with a ton of mobs. I zoned back in only to be slaughtered immediately. Now I am stuck in a cycle - when I load the game, I am in that room and die before I can take any action at all. Is there any alternative to deleting the game and starting over?


  • If you can manage making another portal you could do that, then walk up the castle without returning using the door. That way when you reach floor 4 you will no longer be in the room full of monsters. 
    What kind of wizard are you? If you used the ice wizard then you can hopefully just spam the fire button to push them back and gain some room. Otherwise you might be out of luck D:
  • Secondary skills might work, if you can use them in time. Teleport, ring of fire, flash freeze or even magic shield could buy you enough time. If you don't have any of those skills I'd imagine you may not be very far in the playthrough anyway, but if it's a matter of not being able to use them in time then yeah, that obviously won't help.
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