Great week

Awesome levels all you guys, keep it up, very enjoyable!

Triplas, your 'Derob' levels kicks ass, please make some more new ones :)


  • Aren't those Derob levels all repeats from the Derob levels from months ago? (I just started playing RwK again so sorry)
  • Sorry, I just started playing RwK again since a year, but aren't those "Derob" levels repeats from months ago?
  • I am pretty sure these Derob levels are simply re-uploads. Then again I haven't played in a year :3
  • edited February 2016
    They are. I was just giving the fella (or gal) a chance to redeem him/herself without going on a tirade. That was my sarcastic way of saying "stop reposting the same levels and create some new ones!" as I did enjoy them.
  • Dunno why I posted 3 comments but ok
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