Awesome level fomb! All of your recent levels are great I love logging in and seeing a new one from you.

On a different note a level of this size shows another issue that would be great to have fixed by the designers-- which is that larger levels often crash when you exit them. When you're unable to quit the level without it crashing it doesn't save the progress and that gets really annoying when it happens over and over


  • Thanks!  I'm glad you like it.  Thanks for playing.
    I am having that exact same problem.  I actually haven't been able to finish my own level without it crashing.  I thought it was my device (which is ancient) but maybe it is a size issue.  I feel like I've made bigger levels and didn't have this problem (I think "Fomb's Last Level" was really big), but maybe this one actually is bigger.  Did you have it happen on other levels?  
    For me, I've had it not save progress a few times and twice it just crashed when I tried to open the map.  
    Sorry for the trouble.  It's too long of a level to do in one sitting really, and too big to not have to look at the map.
  • Yeah, again.. Awesome level so it's worth the annoyance, but it crashes a lot. I have noticed it with other large levels too but can't recall offhand which ones.
  • That's too bad.  I might suggest exiting often so if it crashes you don't lose too much progress, though I had a couple of crashes that totally wiped out the save (and exiting kinda screws up the teleporters).

    Hopefully it won't be long before Haphazard 2 is done.  He said it was going to be pretty much a sequel to RWK.
    Since I've had so much troubles with this level, this is most likely going to be my last one until Haphazard 2 lands.  I had a level that I worked on a long while back and never finished, and I thought about finishing it, but it is by far the largest level I've made, so it might not be a good idea.  Other than that, for me, it may be time to pause until the new game.
    Thanks for playing again.

  • This is the number 1 issue I've been reiterating ceaselessly but my moans have been dismissed. Most notably the level called Dimensions.

    I'm glad at least one other person experiences this annoying issue but not sure what the level designers can do about it other than male the levels shorter.

    What I do is to quit the game constantly so that the little progress I've made saves.

    Please Fomb, finish and upload that large level you've been working on :)
  • Oh as always, kick ass levels Fomb!
  • How do you look at the map when making a level? The game just ends when you tap the robot. I'm astound how you guys make the levels you do.
  • Thanks again,
    Yeah, as far as I know, there's no way to look at the map in the mapmaker.  It would be super helpful, but I don't think it's possible.  Lot of guessing and measuring.  Ha.
  • Ah that's a shame I always look forward to new fomb levels
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