Feature suggestion: Room teleports

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I've noticed that SK oftentimes falls victim to painful backtracking due to the randomized layouts.

The first fix that comes to mind is something I appreciated in the recent "enter the gungeon".

Teleport checkpoints:
little areas that activate after clearing their respective room. These checkpoints can be teleported to anytime [outside of combat] and leave a portal at the points of entry and exit that allow instant return to the location you 'ported from most recently.

Anything that cuts down on monotony and allows you to keep an active pace is greatly appreciated. I'd enjoy hearing Raptis'/the community's thoughts on this.
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  • I believe if a floor is cleared the teleport spell will always teleport you to the staircase room :D
    Also, raptisoft has talked a great deal about adding lots of decorations to reduce the monotony.
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    Here are some screenshots to show off new dungeon designs. All taken from the official dev blog at raptisoft.tumblr.comimage

    This is a screenshot showing pathfinding, but you can also see some staircases that are "spiraly"image

    This one shows a different angle of the same staircase type. You can also see a statue of Solomon flexing like he's hot stuff.image

    Here are some spikes on the floor which I assume hurt you (and maybe monsters as well? I dont know)image

    Here you can see some bookcases and an "experiment" found in the dungeon. I don't know exactly what this does but in my mind I relate it to the altars in the game FATE if you've played that. Basically, in FATE, it gives a chance to get either an enhancement, experience, or even negative things like taking health or cursing you/your items. I don't know exactly what it will do in SK, but it seems similar.image

    In this screenshot you can see an elevated doorway. Raptisoft has talked about having certain areas where being a certain class will allow you to access them, and other classes cannot. An example would be a warrior being strong enough to be able to break down a barred door.image

    Finally here is a screenshot that I thought showed off that the new Solomon's Keep game will be using a 3D engine rather than a top down 2d engine. In all the screenshots you can see the camera is at different angles. I don't want to give false informations but it seems like you will be able to turn the camera yourself. However it may also be a camera that follows you and moves to different angles depending on the geometry around you. I expect the former, but I don't actually know. image

    So as you can see there are a lot of new features in the dungeon that make it less monotonous walking through rooms. I do hope that the teleport spell will still teleport you to the staircase room once you have cleared the floor though.
  • All of that looks really cool. I've always just hated losing 30+ secs to backtracking because one room didn't connect to the others efficiently. Whatever happens I'm sure the game will be great. Raptis has always wowed me with his end results.
  • Yeah, that's been the biggest problem I've had with SK. Once, it was so bad that it took me about 3 minutes just to get to the one room I hadn't cleared, then another 3 to get back, since I didn't have teleport.
  • Yeah, it's hard when you enjoy a game so much and want to see it grow and change, but everything is handled by one man with so many responsibilities. Waiting for SK Deluxe is beginning to feel like waiting for half-life 3
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