Kitty Connect is frequently down

Hello Raptisoft.  I thoroughly enjoy Robot Wants Kitty and I play it every day or at least an hour.  Yes, I've pretty much played every level numerous times in Kitty Connect.  However, I've been seeing Kitty Connect being down very frequently.  Pretty much every day.  Sometimes for a couple of hours and sometimes for much longer.  Any way to resolve this?  I saw a previous post and a response saying that it's got something to do with your host's DNS.  In any case, thanks for a great game!


  • Hi zoo...

    As Raptisoft has said numerous times in the past, to quickly check and be sure that RwK is down, go to the RwK website. If the website doesn't load, you'll know for sure the game is down as well.

    I can tell you that RwK is hardly ever "down" as I play it everyday quite often, whenever I have a couple of minutes to play.

    What you're experiencing is most likely application related and not server related. Try closing the app completely as in double tap your home button, tap-and-hold, then close the app. Now open the app again and see if that worked. What also works is if you put your phone into Airplane Mode for a few seconds. Give this a go.

    Of all the years I've played, the RwK servers have been down only a couple of times, like 3 or 4 times max!
  • Hi fnanfne,

    I totally share your enthusiasm for the game.  I play it every day!  You're right, it's not the actual app that crashes or doesn't launch, but the Kitty Connect section with the user-created levels that is frequently empty.  I read in a previous post by Raptisoft that the true way to tell whether there is an issue with Kitty Connect is to go to, and not the Raptisoft website.  For instance, I just now tried to go to the Kitty Connect section inside the game, and there are no levels showing.  So, I went to and the site cannot be found.  When I ping that URL, I get:  Ping request could not find host  I also remember reading Raptisoft saying something about this being potentially caused by a DNS issue with their hosting provider.  So, I'm not complaining by any means.  I was just wondering if Raptisoft had resolved this, but it seems that they haven't.

  • It should now be up.
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