Guess The Level

Does anyone know what level this is, any guesses? Beautifully designed and easy to play. This is a conglomeration of 12 screenshots I took with my iPhone.



  • This looks familiar.  ;)  Cool picture!
  • Classic fomb lvl!
  • Too sharp! Indeed one of Fomb's levels.
  • Did you just screen shot various areas and photoshop the images together?
    I've been wishing there was an easy way to get a level map.  
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    I did that with my level "Watcher of the Skies".  It took too long though.  Haven't done it with another.

  • Believe it or not, I actually tediously did it with MS Paint! I had just rebuilt my PC and had no software installed. I probably would've given Snagit a chance though, I haven't used PS at all.

    I was wondering ifsome software exists that will record the screen/map while you play and then just save it as some massive jpeg, almost like Microsoft's Photosynth app does.
  • Wow, cool.
    Yeah, that would be a great idea...something that would record as one goes.  I know there's some stuff like that in the PC world, but I have no idea how to cross the apple/pc barrier to make it happen.

    I am wondering if there might be an export feature in Haphazard 2 (which is supposed to be a rwk sequel I believe).  If so, I wonder if there might be some means of importing maps from rwk into Hap2?  Might be a cool idea.  Might also give some options of updating old levels in the new format.  
  • I wanted to record my iphone screen while I play the game as a means to preserve the gameplay. There are many unique jumps required to play the some levels. As much as I would love an update, I actually dread the day RwK will be updated because we might lose the uniqueness and many levels will be rendered unplayable!

    There are some cool apps that allow for this but I'm still on iOS 6 and so my options are quite limited, alas.
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    I actually found some software to record your video screen, jailbroken though. It's called RecordMyScreen. Not a "map" recorder but actual gameplay.

    Surely you took way, way, way longer to design and build Watcher of the Skies than to trace the map out! Also a very well designed level...

  • Very cool.  I'll have to check Recordmyscreen out.  
    Thanks for the kind words.  Thanks for playing!  :)

  • I have to say I really miss seeing new fomb and dahlo levels! Such great entertainment you guys provide.
  • Ditto kyleseglin. Can't wait for your new one either tbh!
  • Thanks!  Hopefully I'll get some time to work something up soon.  :)
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