Progress on Hoggy 2?

Is everything alright with Hoggy? You did say that you would be done by the end of the month and start working on SK unless something went wrong. Did something go wrong or is it just another one of those situations where all of creation stops you from reaching a deadline? And if so, are you comfortable with providing a different date?


  • Me too i want to know the release date of Hoggy 2 for computer and iphone / android too ... I can't wait to play there too. But I think the reason why it is not available yet, it is because Raptisoft is trying to refresh its website because the site has remained "frozen in 2010", with the old price of the app store etc ...

    (the best exemple is chuzzle for iphone. On Raptisoft's website, is "avaible for iphone", with a link to purchase it on app store. But this game (Chuzzle), has been removed from the app store...)

    I think once the new site is ready, we will buy Hoggy 2. of course, this is only my humble opinion, but I'm so excited to see what Raptisoft prepares us. Hoggy 2, Solomon's Keep, Hap Hazard 2 Hamsterball 2 and more ! Just a lot of fun !
  • He does always say he hates setting dates, as the universe always realigns to prevent him from meeting that deadline.
  • I believe we will see Hoggy 2 before the end of summer.
  • Saturday screenshot is dead. Monday screenshot is dead too
  • I may have been a tad optimistic in my prediction. I now belevie we will see it by the end of the year.
  • Setting deadlines suck.  It hinders the progress as well. Instead it's better to take the opposite approach: You have a boulder at the end of a rope that you are pulling to you.  With every pull of the rope it comes closer... It gets here faster the more you pull but ultimately it gets here when it gets here. :)  
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