Any future updates planned for RWK?

Hi Raptisoft,

Just curious if you have any future plans for updating the awesome RWK with new features, enemies, etc  Are any such things in the works?  Fingers crossed that there are!  Make them paid upgrades.  I'm sure that all of us loyal RWK fans would be happy to pay for some new enhancements.


  • It has been talked about but that is all. It would in all likelyhood be a new game and not an update. If it were to happen I would not expect it in the next year though.
  • Also, as has been expressed in the old forum...

    If there were to be updates, it would most likely break the playability of many awesome levels, as the designers of these levels took into account all the little bugs and whatnot currently in the game.

    So although many more awesome levels will likely be created after a nice update, many, many existing levels will be rendered unplayable.

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