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Hey, I know we've had a bit of a discussion about this before, but I was reviewing one of my levels - Qigong - and on my device it is unbeatable.  The level is perfectly sound, but towards the end it freezes up and kicks off the app.
I was wondering, has anyone beaten this level?  I'm wondering if it's device specific (to my old, old iphone 3gs) or if it is universal.
Anyway, just curious.


  • Yes I have definitely clocked this level, is it the below picture? Can't exactly recall but I think it is the ending of Qigong.


    I remember this level having a couple of really difficult jumps/zooms. Busy playing it again!
  • Cool pic!  I can't remember which one that is, but Qigong is a different one.
    I am pretty sure the Qigong problem has to do with number of tiles used.  I've went through and cut a bunch of aesthetic bits out and ran a trial today.  I got a good bit farther, but it still froze.  I'm cutting some more and I think it should start working.

    That may be the Parthenon level?  I can't really remember.
  • Okay the pic above is not from Qigong. The below one is though...

    So yeah I did clock it in the past and the level was beatable. Having replayed the level now, it is unbeatable as you say, gameplay crashes as soon as I drop down where one has two apps deleted, near the end where you need to get three yellow cards to get to Kitty. Bummer! I see you've uploaded "A Qigong" which I assume is a working version.

    Parthenon? That very difficult zoom bit I spoke of must be in this level then.
  • Oh no.

    Looks like A Qigong is also broken!

    I can now get past the bit where the game crashed before but whenever I try to open the menu/map from that bit henceforth, the game crashes. So it will be beatable if you don't open the map/menu but this is kinda hard not doing!
  • I never had an issue with the original qigong
  • Wow, thanks for the responses.  I'm guessing it's a bigger problem than I thought.  It seems it's a little different for everyone.  For A-Qigong I deleted a bunch of tiles and on my device I can beat it.  I even looked at the map several times and right at the end, so that map problem isn't happening to me,  but it's odd that it's not the consistent.  Hmm.
    I'm wondering if something had changed or corrupted in the code that might also be affecting other levels.
    I never thought that Qigong was my largest level, so now I'm wondering if other large levels aren't working.
    I had always thought that "Fomb's Last Level" was probably my largest, so I might give it a go and see if it works.
    Also the level that starts with six or seven panels around a single shot panel (which have to be destroyed to make the right one open), I thought that might be the largest too.  I can't remember it's name.
    I'm hoping that it's only Qigong for some reason.  I hope we don't find all of our levels quit working before long.  :( 
  • I just played A Qigong and had no issues at all completing it.
  • That's interesting.  I'm not sure what the issue is.  It seems to work for some people and not others. 

    Yesterday I tried to get through "Fomb's Last Level" and it froze towards the end, just like it did in Qigong.
    However, in the past, I know I played that level several times through (checking for problems) and never had an issue...soooo this might be something new.  Something corrupted in the code.  Maybe individually for each device.  I wonder if deleting and installing would fix the problem, but I'm not willing to try that.  I doubt my device would let me download it again.
    Anyway, who knows.  ;)
  • I've played A Qigong a dozen or so times now and it consistently crashes at the exact same area whenever I try to open the map. I have now, for video-recording purposes, completed the level without looking at the map.
  • Maybe newer devices are more capable of handling the larger level? Not sure if that's relevant, but I'm on a 64gb iPhone 6.
  • Yeah, that could be it.  I'm on an ancient 3gs.  Although, I still can complete A-Qigong for some reason.  Hmm...
    It's kinda too bad.  I definitely won't be making any large levels anymore if they're not going to be playable.

    Maybe if the Haphazard 2 thing actually happens (which is supposed to be a sort of sequel to RWK), maybe he'll have an option to import levels from RWK into the Hap2.  
    It might not be that hard, just a protocol that translates the blocks from RWK to an appropriate block in the new game.  Who knows though.

    fnanfne, you made a video or a-qigong?  Fantastic!
  • I do love playing your long levels though
  • Thank you!  Thanks for playing.  I want to make more, but...maybe there is some fix in the future.  :) 
  • I'll weigh in too to say 1) this is an amazing level, but 2) I also can't beat it (at least not without flying blind and remaining in-app once I reach the spot others have mentioned - if I exit out and then return, it puts me back to the last "stable" save point, here: http://imgur.com/acT1BuN). I'm on an iPhone 6S, so this doesn't seem specific to device age. Nonetheless - always a pleasure, Fomb!
  • Thanks!  You know, I re-played A-Qigong and the same thing happened to me with when I opened the map towards the end.  It's weird because it didn't happen before, but yeah, somethings up.  I think I'll try one more edit where I cut some more aesthetic stuff out and see if that solves the problem. 
    Stinks that I have to compromise the visual aspect, but maybe it'll make it function.
    Thanks for playing everyone!
  • For me It's exactly as for fnanfne. Was no problem with old version of the lvl.
    About fombs last lvl, it have crashed for me every now and then, seems to be about witch order i do things. If i manage to get some of the "no-gun-app" in a row, there was less chance for crash. Besides that, really good lvls!
    Never had a problem with that other lvl you talked about. It's called something with numbers, like h420 Or something like that.
  • It's called 20khz

    And latest version "eh" crashes at same spot, looking at map after The 3 yellow cards
  • Just adding one more data point.  I also have no problem playing any of the Qigong versions all the way through, including the original.  iPad Air 2, iOS 9.3.2.  Awesome level Fomb!
  • Thanks for the input.  Yeah, I thought the issue was number of tiles, but for me too Eh Qigong crashed.  Actually worse than the previous versions.  Kinda a bummer.  For both Fomb's Last Level and 20kHz (thanks for reminding me of the name Dahlo!) I had some concerns when I created them so I played each level to completion several time and never had any problem. Now they are unbeatable for my device.  Not sure what's changed or going on.  Maybe something slowly corrupting since there haven't been update for years. Anyway, no more large levels for me.  I might make a few small levels, but who knows how much longer those will work.  
    Thanks for playing everyone...and for making great levels.
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