SK's another skill? What is this??

This screen appeared when I was playing Solomon's Boneyard four years ago.


It looks like 'A_hand_inside_of_a_circle'

Could anybody tell me what this was?

Player: Wazoo
Frost Jet Lv25
Scores:almost 100k
Date: Jan. 26, 2012.

After I learned four kinds of main skills, I was welding Frost Jet and Magic Missile to create Frost Missile.
 However, instead of Frost Missile, this 'hand mark' appeared at that time.

I was brave enough to tap this strange mark, then, next screen appeared.


You can see that the main skill is blank.

What is this?? Is it a bug?

I wanted to ask Raptisoft Comunity this. However, at that time, somehow, I couldn't find out how to post it.
So, I tried to ask on twitter in my native language, but no one answered.


  • It's channel mana. It increases your mana regeneration rate. Very elementary
  • This is rather interesting, I've never run into this before.
    Have you tried firing the spell? Does it still fire frost missile?
    Also, I think that image is just the icon for the mana regeneration perk.
  • i donno.. looks kinda fake like it was just photoshopped in.. its a different shade then the others, and the icons were just left shifted
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