Fomb's Idle Hands (VIDEO)

This is by far one of my most favourite levels. This was the first level I played when I purchased the Kitty Connect add-on and at the time I thought WTF is this? I just couldn't beat this level at all. I eventually clocked it years later. 

When I played this level again recently for video recording/map making purposes, I realised the tree on the right was cut in half so the map was not 100% complete. I had to again replay the level just so I could get a complete map and annoyingly, I clocked the level in almost half the time I did in the video! Alas.





  • Wow, fantastic!  Thanks again for doing all this.  And thanks for liking my level.  :)
    The videos are so cool to watch.  
  • edited July 2016
    I'm my own toughest critic. Sometimes I'll watch these videos and think "why'd you do that you idiot!" Or "Land there, not here, c'mon!" Like in this video, I tried in vain to land on the right side of the lava block. I could've finished this level 30 mins quicker had I instead chosen to land on the left side which I eventually did do.
  • Ha, yeah, I do the same thing too.  Even in my own levels.  :)

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