Question for Fomb

Hey Fomb how do you make different versions of your levels without losing the original? Is there like a "save as" or "save copy" type feature I'm missing? Thanks man!


  • Yeah, I actually just rename them, add an "x" for example, and it usually saves the level to a new file.  After making "argonaught" I named the second one "argonaught x" and in my levels folder I now have an entry for both argonaught and argonaught x.  
    Sometimes it doesn't save to a different file, but I think I've figured it out.  If you haven't made any changes to the level then rename it, it just renames it.  If you open a level, make changes, then rename it, it saves it to a new file...I think.  I may have that backwards.  It'd be worth trying on a test level first.  I'll try and verify too when I get a chance.
  • Again, I'm truly astound at everyone's ability to create these awesome levels. The few utterly crappy ones I created tested my patience to the max. Like when you want to 'test' the level and accidentally tap the robot, in the habit of wanting to open the map but then this ends the game or when you're busy creating the level far away from kitty, sometimes the screen pops back to kitty for some reason, then you need to scroll all the way back to where you were, very annoying! All you guys (colloquial) are legends in my book.
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