Keep the community alive! Share your SK ideas.

SK has an awesome community! I'm sure we've all got great ideas for skills, classes, items, or mechanics that would be awesome to see in SK Deluxe. Share your ideas here and talk about what you think would change SK for the better.

Here's an idea of mine:
"Arcane Clones"
• Active Skill
• Magic users only
Form clones from pure magic energy at the cost of losing a fraction of your own stats to maintain them. Clones may cast weakened versions of your own spells and abilities, but if they are killed by monsters you will lose that clone (until AC is casted again) and the effective health and mana you sacrificed to maintain them will be lost with them.


  • I like the idea of having a spell that creates a bunch of duplicates that act as distractions, would be pretty cool :)
    Some other ideas to throw out there;

    Spell Siphon
    Solomon's Apprentice - Passive
    Once you run out of mana, your spells instead draw from your health pool at a reduced cost. Increasing the level of the skill increases the efficiency of casting from health.
    (Notes - Convert to percentage health or flat cost? On the one hand, a player who doesn't ever take health upgrades may be a bit annoyed that his spell instantly kills him by accident. But do you wanna punish players who DO build health by increasing the cost? Maybe when under x health it stops casting. Just some possibilities on the details)

    Eldritch Might
    Wizard - Active
    You overload your magical reserves to tap into the immense magic of the cosmos. You convert all your remaining mana into a temporary shield that lasts x seconds or until destroyed. While the shield remains, you cannot regain mana by any means and your spells have no cost. Taking levels in this skill increases the maximum duration of the shield.
    (Notes - Immensely powerful with huge capabilities, but they come with a big drawback. Afterwards you have no mana. Got high dps and mana cost? Be God for a few seconds and then debilitated for a few more. Low cost low dps? The mana-less time afterwards will hurt you less. Use it with a large reserve of mana for a bigger shield, or use it in desperation to continue casting for a few precious seconds. The duration would have to be very limited to hinder abuse, such as at 1 second and increasing by 1 second per level)

    Acid Blood
    Solomon's Apprentice - Passive
    Through dark experimentation, you have transformed your own blood into an unstable alchemical compound that's helpful for you and dangerous for enemies. When taking damage to health you leave behind a trail that damages and slows enemies. When not taking damage to health, your regeneration is increased.
    (Health at the moment, along with mana, is a stat that a lot of high level players ignore. Better to never stop casting and be untouchable, than to have high health and instantly die in later levels. I think more insentives to build those stats might open interesting build paths. Furthermore, it has synergy with spell siphon.)

    Evasive Footwork
    Archer/Thief type class - Passive
    You have an x% chance to take no damage from an attack. The damage of ranged projectiles is also reduced by x% even if they hit. Increasing the level of the skill increases the percentage.
    (Magic barrier, billowing winds, black magic and divinely enchanted shields all clearly give characters an answers to ranged combatants, with the added incentive of giving survivability in general. This is the sneaky player's version of that.)

    Fighter type, maybe Paladin - Primary attack (long cast time, more so than fireball)
    Become invulnerable for 0.5 seconds, then aoe knock back and damage all enemies in target direction. Damage depends on level and absorbed damage during the invulnerability period.
    (Wizards aren't the only ones who deserve alternate primary attacks! Maybe they don't need to be able to weld, but still :) There would have to be a short lockout time after the skill for those that somehow get faster caster or relevant skill to avoid abuse)

    Shield Charge
    Fighter type, maybe Paladin - Active
    Become invulnerable for x seconds and raise your shield high. For the duration you gain increased move speed, and any enemies you hit are knocked aside, damaged and stunned for a duration. Taking levels in this skill increases the duration of the charge and the stun on knocked aside enemies.
    (Noticing a theme? Fighter types more than any other deserve the strongest of damage reduction since they are forced to fight on the front lines. If anyone deserves periods of invulnerability it's them.)

    Expose weakness
    Thief or Archer type - Passive
    Dealing damage against an enemy with a status condition inflicts Exposure on them. They take x% additional damage from all sources for y seconds. Damaging an enemy with Exposure refreshes the duration. Increasing the skills level increases the damage multiplier and duration.
    (Sorry for being boring with the rogue abilities, just realised I had to run and felt bad for giving them one shitty idea haha)

    Will post more soon! Loving this idea!
  • I totally agree that adding skills that incentivize and synergize with health would be a big improvement!

    Evasive footwork is a neat concept, but I think it would need to have ridiculously high proc chances to equal the defensive value of a magic bubble. Perhaps it could take the form of a skill based dodge mechanic unique to Rangers. Something like an active skill that would make you temporarily dodge all projectiles or a dash that goes through projectiles.
  • Eldritch Might sounds like a lot of fun! (I think calling it "Overload" would be cleaner and more familiar to the concept) It would be really cool if Lightning Mages started out with Overload as their active rather than Magic Circle/Bubble.
  • Forging and enchanting items would be a breath of fresh air to the series' otherwise farm heavy item economy. Obtaining gear to play at higher difficulties in SK requires transferring gear from other saves that had to each be individually leveled and farmed until all bosses were cleared at which point you'd transfer gear and start a new file. The alternative is save-scumming until you get the drops you want. I think that making bosses farmable without the need to start a new save would be good. Another option is having enemies drop materials of varying rarity based on the monster's own rarity.
  • I think oblivion and skyrim had examples of spellcrafting and enchanting respectively that would really work within the game :)
    An idea similar to skyrim would be to give each class a related crafting ability, say magic types can place enchantments on mundane items, fighter types can craft more effective (+damage, +damage reduction but not an enchant) mundane items, and rogue types can craft poisons and potions. Another incentive to take multiple classes in coop and gives the classes a more distinct flavour :)

    As for your other notes, I totally agree that an active dodge type skill would be really cool on a rogue type :) when I think rogue I think fast, agile and with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Traps are a big theme as well, with the rogue already being stated to be able to detect (and perhaps disarm?) some of the traps and obstacles in the dungeon. Perhaps some ways to place his own?

    Arrow Mines
    Rogue type - Active Skill
    The rogue type fires arrows at the ground in front of him and takes a large leap backwards. With a mix of magic and guile, the arrows remain until an enemy walks over them at which point they erupt from the ground, damaging and immobilising those struck.

    As for the first point, a rogue type has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. An idea I had is that for the rogue, unlike other classes, he can select which passives he wants to attach to his primary attack (acting as his analogue to welding spells, and showing their ability to adapt on the fly). Taking down something big? Attach the Acid poison and Slow poison secondary skills to add to his basic shot. Fighting a horde? Attach volley of arrows and explosive shot to his arrows. Fighting something annoyingly fast? Attach backlash and knock back to your arrows. This would make the rogue type an extremely high skill cap character with great potential, something which I feel matches their thematic.

    Rogue type - Bow passive
    You fire an additional arrow per level of the spell
    (More magic missiles for archer, simple)

    Back Dash
    Rogue type - Bow passive
    Your character leaps a short distance away from his target each time he attacks. The distance increases with level.

    Explosive Shots
    Rogue type - Bow passive
    Arrows explode and damage enemies on contact (and applying the other secondary effect attached to the ability). Explosion damage and radius increases on level up.

    Vital Strike
    Rogue type - Any weapon
    You make your attacks against an enemies vitals, applying a wound each time. For each wound a permanent, stacking damage over time and slow effect is applied. Increased levels increases the strength of each stack.

    Power Shot/strike
    Rogue type - Any weapon
    You hit with precision and force, knocking back enemies hit. The distance knocked back increases with level.

    Paralysis poison
    Rogue type - any weapon
    Enemies hit are paralysed for a short duration. The duration increases with levels.

    Flurry of Blades
    Rogue type - Daggers
    You make two attacks instead of one whenever you take the action. The second attack does x% less damage. Halfway through and at the end of the skill progression, the attacks made increase to three and four respectively.

    Rogue type - Blade Weapon
    Any attack that you make deals x% increased damage, and any debuffs applied have double effect and double duration (if applicable), against targets with full health. This passive has no effect against damaged targets.

    And some miscellaneous ideas for you, since I still feel bad for having boring rogue ideas earlier lmao
    Hard to come up with interesting mechanics that aren't just big numbers. If a skill only has "big numbers" going for it, then power gamers either always pick it or always pick another one with bigger numbers.

    Cloak of Shadows
    Rogue type - Passive
    After not attacking for x seconds, you don a cloak of shadows that makes you invisible to enemies. Increased levels reduces the time it takes to don the cloak.

    Shimmering Powder
    Rogue type - Active
    You throw a cloud of glittering, enchanted powder at target enemies. Targets in the cloud attack each other, and are blinded to your presence. Increased levels increases the duration of the cloud.
  • There's a lot of ideas there. I like the idea of embracing the Ranger as a skillful and dynamic class that requires experience and decision making. I'd also like to see some skills that add/benefit those that invest in defenses for the Ranger. Maybe something like these:

    "Close Quarters Combat"
    Ranger - primary firing skill
    This would be a selectable path that would turn the ranger into a melee fighter. You'd don a pair of elven arm blades and boast more maneuverability than the other melee fighters.

    "Blood of the Forest"
    Ranger - sub skill of CQC
    All poisons, bleeds, slows, and stuns have reduced effectiveness based on the level of this ability.

    "Lycan outburst"
    Ranger - active
    (I remember seeing mention of a Druid or Druid like transformation at one time. If we don't get a Druid then this would be a great way to keep some of that idea alive) The Ranger transforms into a werewolf for a short period of time boasting increased melee damage reduction, increased damage, increased movement speed, and %max health is restored whenever an enemy is killed based on the strength of that enemy.

  • Do you guys know how to get the Solomon Dark beta?
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