No news for Hoggy 2 ???

No news for Hoggy 2 since more of 2 months... Hoggy 2 is "void" ? Hoggy 2 is originally for launch "early 2016" Now, we are on july, soon august... Thank you for anwser me ;)


  • I'm very curious about this as well. Last I heard hoggy should have been released for PC and Mac months ago and posted to the main website. I'm worried something has "went terribly wrong".
  • Hey there! I was recently able to get through to Raptis and he mentioned that he ended up needing to relocate and deal with a death in the family, which understandably delays things. He also mentioned that Hoggy 2 is still going strong and a steam green light should be going up in the next two weeks barring any great misfortune.
  • I just contacted them about Hoggy 2, and they told me:

    It'll be out for, in this order:
    PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux
    then possibly Windows Phone and Nintendo.

    We're targeting October or November.
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