Error upon launching Hamsterball

After I double click the game, it gives me this message: "D3DERR_INVALIDCALL" and then right after that it says "Hamsterball was not able to initialize DirectX! Hamsterball requires DirectX 8.0 or better to run". Well, I'm running Windows 10 so I already have DirectX 12 and verified that by checking dxdiag. Can anyone help me?


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    If it helps, I am able to play Hamsterball fine on my other PC, which runs Windows 10 Professional. The computer giving me a problem runs Windows 10 Home. Both are 64-bit.

    I have already tried running it in Compatability Mode using Windows XP SP3. I have added the shortcut target parameters of   "-w -r:1280x1024" to it, which seems to worsen it: when I run it with the parameters, it doesn't even give me error messages. Just nothing.
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