Who wants an Android version?

I would!  *Raises hand*  In fact I have even offered to build an Android version on 2 different occasions (2 years ago and earlier this year).  If any one else in interested in seeing Android versions of these games help me bug Raptisoft :D until they give in?  >:)

Much love <3

P.s. Lets do this!


  • It's not that simple. Raptisoft would have to remake a lot of the game to port it over. It wasn't built using an engine that can publish to both, which is why it runs well. Games exported from Unity are some of the slowest apps on the market. 

    However he is currently making Solomon's Keep Deluxe which has an android version planned. I'd say its better to just wait for that than to try to remake it yourself or slow down his progress on this one trying to get him to update an old version. It's just not worth it.
  • Unity sucks for sure. I don't use game pre-built game engines when I build games. I don't want him to update an old version of anything or slow him down. What I would like to do is build out SB for Rapisoft in Android and go from there.  If it happens that would be cool but honestly it's a shot in the dark :P 
  • Well it been 6 month since said solomon keep deluxe...but still nothing in Google store.

    My sister showed me boneyard before even keep was out, ever since I have endlessly search for it on my android to no avail.

    I'm not a intelligent man when it comes to computer stuff, but my way of phone gaming changed when I played that game. I would love to have it on my android.

    All in all, I believe with this beautiful creation it would be more beneficial to be in both apple and Google stores to be enjoyed by the multitudes....but, who am I kidding....I just really want to play again. :(
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