The 565 Seconds Challenge (repost)

Note: This is a repost. Because I cannot edit the post since it was incomplete (I accidentally pressed the "Post Discussion" button), I did a repost instead.

This is a pretty awesome and fun challenge. You only have 565 seconds (total time in Normal mode) to beat Hamsterball, no added time in the time pool EXCEPT the bonuses (Up Race, Expert Race, and Glass Race). Are you up for the challenge?

Here's how it works:

1. You start in Beginner Race with 565 seconds, and the following races won't give you race time.
2. You can only grab extra time from pressing the button in Up Race, ringing the bell in Expert Race, and breaking the glass in Glass Race.
3. You should use your time wisely. If you don't, you lose.

How to play the challenge:

1. CREATE A BACKUP OF THE RACEDATA.XML FILE IN YOUR HAMSTERBALL FOLDER (normally C:\Program Files\Raptisoft\Hamsterball or C:\Program Files (x86)\Raptisoft\Hamsterball). If you want to stop playing the challenge, you can use the backup file.
2. Download this .rar file.
3. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe! file.
4. Enjoy!
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