NEW LEVEL: Boss Test

New level. I will give some basic info upon the new level's history, inspiration/s, details, and personal thoughts next week. For now, hope you enjoy this level.

P.S. I may also add info about other maps I have previously made, but don't ever expect that. I'm too lazy. (-w-)


  • Honestly it wasn't a bad level at all. The only problem was that it was too short; I think my time was 3:59 when I completed it. Which is a shame because it had a nice theme going on and I was really enjoying it. Definitely your best level so far.

    Also, it is currently the highest rated level of all time :p

  • All new levels will have a super high rating, the same with IMDB ratings; fresh shows/films will have a high rating, over time, this goes down until it plateaus.

    Alas, I haven't been able to play RwK as of late since upgrading to a new iPhone. I just can't play this game with the black bars on either side with the larger screens, so many new levels I haven't played will defo have to get back into this soon!
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