Mind vs. Body vs. Arcane. What skills primarily lie within each?


  • edited November 2016
    Arcane: Teleport, Magic Circle, Magic Trap (lay an explosive trap that gets stronger over time), Dampen (repels bolts, disrupt mages, 50% chance to dispel shields), Spell Welding (combining two primary spells), Flash (10% chance to dazzel enemies nearby player when struck), Magic Shield, Explosive Shield (Magic Shield upgrade), Turn Undead

    Body:Health Up, Enchant Staff, Telekinesis, Rush, Deflect, Resist Poison, Faster Caster, Fortunate Flailing (Enchant Staff upgrade), Regenerate(health regen)

    MInd: Mana Up, Channel Mana, Meditation, Battle Mage, Focus(secondary cooldown decrease), Sieg Mage, Resist Magic, Creativity, Mindstar(+1 to skills when active. Activating this hoards 60~5% of total mana. The amount of hoarded mana depends on skill level)

    The last ones of each tree (turn undead, regenerate, mindstar) need to be unlocked
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