Game breaking bugs?

Has anyone discovered any game breaking bugs?
So far I've only encountered one on my last and so far probably best run when I got the secondary spell "Dampen" which is supposed to create an area around you that reduces the effect of hostile magic. Unfortunately, as soon as I activated it the game crashed along with the progress of that run. Too bad.


  • when u reach level 113, you cannot select ur new skill because it will get go back to the new skill select page.
  • Not game breaking, but really disappointing is this one:
    If the game crashes or you otherwise don't exit it using the "Leave Game" button, the character you were playing is entirely lost, along with everything he was carrying. Luthicus won't be there to recover anything.

    This just made me lose all my items, boo.
  • There is also another bug:
    Recently golems, archers, mages stop attacking at all. Though I like archers and mages not shooting, golems not attacking is very annoying for earth mage. This stone head ignores enemies and keeps following me. At least he taunts without any problem.
  • If you open inventory right after levelling up before choosing a skill, you cannot close inventory and have to close the game.
  • Peppermaster, you reached level 113?

    Just curious, does your character reach a point when the bosses start looping back to the first boss you killed?
  • @Marya_Clare

    Level 113 was done by using the level up "cheat" that existed in the old Solomon Dark that Mr. Raptis uploaded at Halloween at first. (you can only do that cheat if you have that version of Dark, not the one he upload after that.)  I was trying to test some spells and apparently the spells that I wanted to test never showed up until I reached level 113 and found the glitch

    After killing the Discorpereal(probably the last boss of Dark for now), I never encountered anymore bosses for about an hour. Also, monsters does not seem to get any stronger (stat wise) at a certain point. So, it is likely that bosses don't loop at all.
  • Using the level up cheat is interesting...
    At around level 85, a single level up (with space bar) will level you up to 113 in one go. You will have to select all your upgrades one after another. Afterwards, leveling up always causes huge jumps. Last jump takes you from level 327 (can't remember exactly), to over level 500. The game might crash while selecting your level ups, but if not, then you will eventually crash after getting every possible upgrade. It is possible to get around the crash by always selecting the lower option in the elemental flourish skill, since that will upgrade the second skill, and wont disappear even after the skill is maxed out. After that, the exp bar breaks. It appears as a single flickering line diagonally starting from the bottom of the exp bar. Anyway, I played for a while, and then dies on purpose, and it crashed. When I reopened, the hall of fame had my score.
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