"techniques and teachings for the simple and astute alike."

"It's about time we put down a more permanent and organized foundation for education concerning magicks and the many nuances within our borders. Many of our graduates are poorly educated, gullible, and (worst of all) flirting with Hagatha. I'm putting a stop to this madness! Direct any and all mages with queries to this message board and answer what you can.

In the meantime, I'll do what I can to salvage the Mage College's image and keep the Royal family pleased. I'm depending on you all to come together and really make this happen, don't give the king any more reason to doubt us.
-Old Hannan"


  • Is this for Solomon Dark info or all solomon games just in general?
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    "The bonuses for unforging magical items are described as permanent in my textbooks. Do these "permanent" bonuses pass on to a wizard's successors or do they die with the one that unforges?
    -Zed the Red"
  • All Solomon game questions are welcome, but if you don't specify which game you are referring to we will assume SD since it is the newest and most complex.
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    "The bonuses art permanent for yours only. A wizard's successors hast nay business with thy bonuses. So, aye those gents die with the one yond unforges."
    -The Peppermaster

    Translaiton: "The bonuses are permanent for yours only. A wizard's successors have no business with your bonuses. So, yes they die with the one that unforges."
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    "Blasting demons, that is easy!
    But, this one thing makes me queasy...
    If my magic were, say, empty,
    how can I bash their heads in gently?"
    -Syrion the Clumsy
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    "I know it now, oh silly me!
    I was too hasty to really see.
    To thwack the demons 'til bones bend,
    just charge them with the staff's blunt end!"
    -Syrion the Enlightened

    (In clearer words, I accidently skipped the Prologue and thus didn't know you could use melee by just walking into enemies. I was desperately trying to find the right key on my keyboard...)
  • "Many scholarly mages and items make reference to "concentration" as if it were some kind of resource or state beyond what is normal. I'd appreciate the service if any of my seniors could explain this to me as I've visited our librbary and have yet to find any mention of this.
    -Zed the Red"
  • "You see, Zed, the thing with us mages is, we love to spread our mind across all these different talents and skills we've learned in our life, but none of us are any good at multi-tasking. We can only ever really concentrate on one task at a time. So, you may think of yourself as an expert Mana Channeller, Battle Mage or even Siege Mage, but if you try to have a close look at the very top of your vision, you will see that you can make the most of only one of such talents, and decide which one it shall be.
    As for women and multi-tasking, that is a different story..."
    -Syrion the Cryptic
  • "I think I understand.. -not about women, but concentration. If I ever discover the secret to female concentration you'll be the first to know.
    -Zed the Red"
  • "Wrong! Concentration is actually a conspiracy by the Arch-Chancellor to limit our power and make us weak. Back in my days, a mage would not need a single mana to cast the strongest welded magics. Now, with this concentration gimmick got invented, our true potentials have dramatically decreased and all we got is meditating while walking! Therefore we must all rise up and fight against this ludicrous abom... ... "

    -Last word from Pepper the Lunatic before disappearing
  • "My god!- it's true what they say, there really is fluoride in our health potions!" *dawns an aluminum cap and disappears into a nearby cave*
  • "'dons', not 'dawns', in the above case.
    In any case, what is the meaning of Bind Rocks for Boulder?"
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    "Bind Rocks make a boulder to pass through more enemies by reducing the amount of power lost of the boulder after killing an enemy."

    -The Peppermaster
  • "And what of this new 'Mindstar'?"
  • Ah! You're right.
  • Oh, that. Whoops.
  • I have found myself quite liking the feeling of focusing on creativity, if only because it upsets my conservative magocratic parents. Unfortunately like my parents, I also have quite little idea what benefits I actually get from focusing on it. What exactly is 20% chance of skill insight?
  • My fellow wizard, when you level up,there is a chance of a skill that has golden edge appear. When you click it you get that +2 point for that skill instead of normal +1 point. For example, if you click a golden edged battle mage, you get +2 battle mage. 

    -The Peppermaster
  • My parents will be pleased to hear my major in creative horticulture was not such a waste!
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    "Good Satan's orb! I just found out that coffins are immune to lighting and flame lash!"

    -The Peppermaster 
  • "Egads! Salutations for the warning.
    -Zed the Red"
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