Green light + pricing

John, have you thought about how much it's gonna cost yet? Cos I'm fairly sure that whatever it is, you can add £5 to it and we'd still be willing to pay


  • Steam normally sets (more of a strong recommendation I hear) the prices
  • We shouldn't expect an answer anytime soon (see "Seclusion" thread), but I doubt he has decided on that, yet. I imagine this is going to be a tough decision. I guess few PC players know about his games (save for Hamsterball), so he can't set it too high. I would expect a price around $15 on PC, but such a price tag can hardly be justified in the iOS/Android market. So, maybe $5 on every platform? I would guess at that price it might be hard to make much profit.
  • Just saying the game isn't even close to release, he's still working on Hoggy 2 :P It's a bit early to be wondering how much it's going to cost when it's not even at the polishing/testing stage of development haha
  • Yeah i know it's nowhere near done, but i was just wondering ahead
  • Syrion, $15 doesn't sound too bad. I come from Canada and if we're talking in US dollars that's around $20 Canadian dollars. 
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