Solomon Dark download links and gameplay trailer

To make it less confusing here are only the download links of the most recent version of Solomon Dark with the fixed crash on startup and Dark Cloud:

Here's an unofficial gameplay trailer:

If you have any additional mirrors, especially permanent ones, please post them here.


  • Wait is this for PC or phone. Also if it is for PC and not for Phone then how do I get it for phone
  • Sorry for necro, but I'm genuinely curious. The first link doesn't work, and the second and third link both have the "crash on startup" issue. Is there something I'm missing? A file I need, a setting I need to change in the files? 

    Or is there another link/download I can use to get the working game?

    Or is the game just dead now and there are no working copies?
  • Hey Holy_Hobo,

    sorry for the late response. I just downloaded it again myself and the file you can download from those two links should work fine, at least it does on my computer. It's exactly the version that Raptisoft released, only already including the latest patch. What computer with what operating system are you trying to run it on?

    If need be I can still upload the original release and the patch seperately, although I doubt this is going to help.
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