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How do you achieve the glitch in "Strange World" by Wizou? The only way I can do it is by having the robot fall down for a long time, but in Wizou's level the robot starts glitched without falling for a while. Another example of this is "Paracute" by Wizou and "Acid on Acid" by Dahlo. What do you do so the robot starts off "floating?"


  • Not adding value to this discussion at all but I just played Strange World yesterday, strange.
  • You just have to place the robot starting point very, very deep at the bottom, where the gravity ends. See my two "0G" levels.
  • Thanks a lot dmd!
  • DMD, I've always been a big fan of your levels.  Definite inspiration for my own.  
    It's been a while since we've seen a new one though.  ;) 
    And as far as I know you're the first to figure out the gravity glitch.  Your levels are where I learned to do it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
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