Double-death glitch

Upon having died twice in one play session without closing the game, it crashes after clicking to continue. If you try to send a bug report, it has trouble and it took a bit before I could remove it better.
On reopen, the game status is "resumable" but I couldn't move nor cast nor anything and died without a single kill on that one; but the real run was successfully recorded. I got two copies of all inventory items scavenged.
The second time it happened, there was a resumable but I killed it to test for results. No doublekeep of items.



  • ...turns out it's not just on seocnd death. I just got it on my first run.
  • Just encountered that a day or so ago. 

    It's kind of awesome in the sense you can unforge the duplicate items to get stat bonuses for your characters. I then remembered there was a dowsing mechanic I was introduced to...and totally forgot to test it out with a duplicate item:P 

  • Glitchy stuff happens when manipulating your inventory with multiple of the same item. Not often, but it happens.
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