Kit Die Repeat

Hey, thanks for having this forum.  I wanted to talk a little bit about my motivation behind my first and only level, Kit Die Repeat.  I've never designed a game level in my life, so this is a first for me.

The level name comes from the Tom Cruise movie "Edge of Tomorrow," whose tagline is "Live, Die, Repeat."

I've played nearly every level of Robot Wants Kitty, most of them several times.  At first, I loved the games where I got the laser right away and could shoot at anything and everything without getting killed.

As I started playing more challenging levels, I liked them more and more.  In fact, the harder the better.  I didn't like the ones that were ONLY built on surprise deaths, but one or two sections that you can't beat without luck and many tries are OK with me.

Mostly, I want to be challenged.  I'll play a challenging game over and over, especially if it has a lot of variety.  I love (Splelunkitty II and Fledermaus II.)  Secondly, I found that I used to be an impatient player.  But some of the best levels require patience.  And lastly, I used to hate having to repeat sections *unless* it was primarily a skill-based reason that my player was killed.  If it's challenging, then I don't have a problem repeating sections.

I designed Kit Die Repeat to be challenging, surprising, fun, and to require lots of patience.  It makes you repeat sections, but if you make progress each time, you might have additional weapons to use the second time around.  Also, you have to hang back while shooting.  You can't move forward as you shoot, because something might be moving toward you.  At the end of the game, when you're almost finished, you have to repeat the first section yet again!

I've completed this level many, many times.  If you'd like any tips on any sections, let me know and I'll be glad to help.




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