RWK keeps crashing

Ever since IOS 10 has come out, I'm seeing more crashes in RWK. I Can't even complete pp by mochir. After about 10 minutes, I collect a rocket or a gem and the game crashes. I rebooted the phone (6s plus) and even tried to collect as little as possible.
Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? Im seeing more problems, but mainly on certain levels. A big level like marshmalloween is not causing any problems. It appears to be linked to the number of items I collect.
I'm running IOS 10.1.1.

On a separate note, I LOVED marshmalloween - mind blown on how much fun that was. I finished it a few times. Is there an easy trick for getting the robot to levitate so it can teleport on the last bit (after you have the green key)? I try about 50 times until I get it :)

One of the things about marshmalloween that's so cool is that it starts fairly easy, but tricks you into making wrong moves. There are few options, so it's easy to narrow down. There's plenty of variety. Other than one room filled with monsters that drags, the level keeps my interest. Superb job!


  • I solved the problem. The application has issues with tracking number of rockets. If you collect two rockets or two remove rockets in a row, the application goes haywire. I'll explain my logic.

    I start with 0 rocket ups. The first thing I collect is a remove rocket up. RWK then decreases the number of rocket ups by 1 (ie. -1). I don't quite think that's the bug. It's most probably a conditional that gets messed up.

    The level pp has about 3 pairs of rocket up & remove rocket up. I usually select the remove rocket up first, so that I have rocket up when I shouldn't :)

    Shhh! Don't tell the level developers about this cheat. All of the people here don't leave these hacks in anyway :)
  • Thanks for liking and playing Marshmalloween.  I'm glad you had fun with it.

    Yeah, that glitch has definitely been around for a while.   I don't know the exact level you were writing about, but I do know if any level collects too many apps, then it crashes.  I don't know the number, but it seems it needs to be a lot.  The exception to this are the keys and crystals.  You can collect as many of them as you want for some reason.

    I made a level a long, long time ago called something like "Take one bite", or "Only take one bite" ...something like that.  All the apps were arranged in fruit patterns and if you took more than one app from each fruit, the game would crash.  I think that level is several years old.

    Since there are no longer going to be updates to RWK, I'd just be careful on that level that was crashing and see how many apps you can avoid getting.
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