Flail pail help

I can usually find a way through most levels, but struggling to get anywhere with this. I can get the jump, heart, and the gold key (which takes my helmet away). And I can activate the save point above where I start.

I assume the gold key is used above the start point, but after that it seems like the jump across is impossible. Am I on the right track and the jump is just unbelievably precise, oris there something I'm missing. Help please!


  • That jump is basically the upper limit of possible distance the robot and jump.  It seems you have to walk off the ledge and jump at the last possible pixel.  It's really hard, but you're not missing anything.  Just a hard jump.  I feel like I've gotten it down to about 1 in 5, but then I'll have long periods where it takes me a dozen or more tries.  Just keep at it and it'll happen.
  • You really fantastic at explaining this stuff.
  • Thanks!  :)
  • I must have tried it 500 times but finally made it today :D
    However since I had already assumed I wouldn't make it, I immediately moved right and fell back down. Fml
  • I did it! Finally completed the level. Soft locks so frustrating, but great level nonetheless
  • Congrats Ian! You're a true master.
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