Aperture - Fomb

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I feel bad for not even being able to complete the first jump. Help?


  • It's a timing issue of jumping over the first fly while the eyeball ghost is below, then falling to the lower level and ducking into the forcefield before the second fly hits you.  I might just take a moment to get the phasing right, but when the level starts, if you quickly get through the teleporter you can do it right away (although restarting the level sometimes puts the fly in a different position for some reason and then you have to wait).  Once you get the hang of it you'll get past that first part quickly each time.  Hope this helps.
  • Nope. Can't get it.
  • I actually got the first jump a couple of times out of my many attempts of the level. It really does require literal perfect timing though. (No I'm not over exaggerating. I'm pretty sure you literally need perfect timing.) GL.
  • I've given up on trying to time it and just randomly go for it from the start point with an immediate jump left after the teleport. It's got a low success rate of about 1 in 25, and you need to do it twice to get to the next stage.

    Both times I have got onto the next stage, I've fallen down the soft lock holes. Urgh!
  • Should I bother with "Aperture" or instead play "Aperture Fix"?
  • I would suggest Aperture Fix, though either is fine.  The only real difference is a hole on the far left of the map that I intended to be inescapable, but didn't end up that way.  So technically Aperture (original) is a tad bit easier, but Aperture Fix is more as intended.  
    Thanks for playing everyone.

    p.s. that first jump is tricky, but I think one you get the feel for it, you'll do it pretty consistently.  I think it's about a 1 in 3 for me.  Again, it's jumping off the edge, but not as far off as we do for a long jump.  It's a little bit earlier than that.
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