Flicking the lighter

I've become unable to simply use my primary spell; I have to continuously click before it will activate, leading to me considering activating it like flicking a lighter. If I'm standing still, I can keep clicking after it activates and continually get it right; if I hold it, I can still use it. But if I was just coming from town, it doesn't work; no amount of clicking or flicking makes it work until I quit to the main menu.
And I know I didn't take any damage, yet Reverie and Serendipity were both gone the moment I re-entered. This salt is unacceptable, and the reason even less so. Raptisoft fix this.
Although...this only occurs, and stays occurring, while I use my laptop's touch mouse. A USB mouse started with the problem, but it cleared up after the first exit to menu. I would hate for this issue to be unique to the hardware, but I am resigned to this as a possibility.


  • I doubt he will fix it considering its officially abandoned. Why not play with the USB mouse anyways? I can't stand using a touch pad to play games. Also, maybe look into the windows setting that turns off the mouse pad when a mouse is plugged in.
  • ...yeah. But it also did occur with the touchpad, so I'm a bit scurred.
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