Glitch glue help

What is the delicious secret that I have yet to discover?
I've tried everything I can think of, can you give me a clue?

Thanks :)


  • Sure!  Yeah, this is kinda a weird one.  There is a glitch with the boss-blocks.  If you use the burny-block (I don't really know the names of these blocks) and it eats away a boss-block then it seems the game still thinks the boss-block is there since a boss dying didn't make it disappear.  Soooo, killing another boss seems to attempt to remove the already eaten away boss-block instead of a different one.  If the first burny-block is activated in this level, a boss-block is eaten and no amount of bosses will trigger the boss-blocks surrounding the kitty.  The trick is to kill a boss first to make the boss-block below the burny-block disappear, then any one of the other bosses will trigger the ones around the kitty.  Hope this helps.
    Thanks for playing.
  • I wouldn't have guessed easily because that particular boss blocks disguised, you only see it differently on the map.
    Cheers for the hint, I admire your work very much!
  • Thanks!  Thanks for playing!  :)
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