Scrolltext - DMD

Fantastic level!  Innovative as always.  Great to see a new DMD level.  Always been a big influence on me.


  • It's quite exciting, but I couldn't figure out any way not to get trapped in the empty field on the left of the teleported. Any pointers?
  • I know! This level is so creative, very nice job DMD!

    To LoraFlora - If you could clarify what you are talking about, I may be able to help you (I have already beaten the level but I'm not sure what part of the level you are talking about).
  • Haha, I'm talking about how the only way of doing things gets me trapped. It's like this: rocketing up to get the crystal, activating teleporter to the top right, getting red card, opening red gate, getting helmet, smashing bricks to get crystal and losing helmet, activating teleporter next to exploding blocks and forever getting trapped in the barren field.
    What am I missing?
  • LoraFlora: I suggest the following:

    In the barren field there is a timesaver app. Go there. Don't jump, just walk. While on your way, think about an old wisdom: Sometimes you don't see the solution for a problem, because it's right infront of your nose!
    Pick the timesaver. Then walk back. Keep focusing on your mantra!
    Then, try once more to get out.

    If it doesn't help, I'm sure the kind guys around here are able to give you the missing nudge.

  • This level has to be one of my absolute favorites recently. Congrats DMD for another 10/10 inspiring amazing level! =D>
  • I am such a donut! I was even looking for secret messages written in brick patterns :))
  • Did you try going through both possible teleportation entries? One teleporter brings you nowhere and the other lets you continue with the level.
  • Yes, did that long time ago but got stuck further in the level. How can get to the haxor app?
  • Double jump to get the Defense Addon (Explosive Gun). Explode both pairs of explosive red blocks. Rocket up to the boss, die, but continue holding the rocket up. If you continue holding the rocket after death, you will shoot up into the Haxxor App.
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