When to suicide?

When do you decide enough is enough and let your OP god wizard take the dirt nap?

I ask because I'm playing mono-Boulder with the double flair trick, at level 51 and not leveling quickly at all. Beginning to get bored. Should I hit the kill switch or ride it out?
I also have auto drinker and a shit ton of health potions, and a decent amount of health. And I do >1000 damage of a max boulder with items taken into account, which I can spam. And I lose no mana. Ever.
Is this enough?


  • I go until I'm bored usually, or wave 100 if I'm feeling the need for a stretch cap. The waves do get harder eventually. I had a swarm of imps that ate 34 health potions somewhere after wave 120. Boulder can sometimes make it slower and more arduous. Be sure to escape out and reload often just to make a save in case it crashes though.
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