Solomon Dark Beta bug

I'm playing the 0.71 beta version of Solomon Dark. Everytime I get to the 3 Dires, the game hangs. It then goes back to the previous saved point, and the same bug happens when I reach the 3 Dires again. Is there a way I can fix this bug? 

Some of you might suggest that I end this run by letting my character die, but there is only 1 skeleton left before the 3 dires and it seems to avoid me and not attack me at all. When I go too close I somehow end up doing damage to it. I'm using pure frost jet.

If I start a new survival game, will the gold and items transfer? (For items if it is through the sack that is fine)


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    It turns out that starting a new character does help to kill the previous character, so I can retrieve my items.

    However, in this run, I do not encounter the 3 Dires, and I did not encounter Heartmonger (as far as I can remember); instead I encouter a boss called "Deep Portal". At the beginning of the 3 fight, 3 stationary things spawned, which I killed. The boss HP went down to around the first 'e' in "Deep Portal". Thereafter, imps just kept spawning, and nothing has happened after I had killed 1500 imps.

    My current wave number is 29. I have searched the whole map, but I do not see anything that I can kill. Furthermore I'm using magic missiles, so it should find the boss which I need to kill. However, this is not the case as the HP has remained the same after killing 1500 imps.

    Does anyone know if this is a bug? If not, could someone let me know what to do to kill this boss?
  • Try getting ice + lightning weld. its got infinite (seemingly I guess) range 

    should be able to hit offscreen bosses maybe?
  • Update: Continued that run today, somehow managed to deal damage to the Deep Portal boss with magic missles.

    During the fight, it randomly gained health, although I did not see the boss. Happy to clear this wave though.
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    Managed to re-create that bug by exiting the game during a fight with Deep Portal. Is there a workaround for this?

    Even if I use frost jet to spray at the area the Deep Portal was at, it does not deal damage to it (it seems to be gone). Imps keep on spawning from the top left corner.
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