Panko help

Hey Fomb,
Wow what an imagination you have. Brilliant levels and so much fun. Was hoping for a little help on what to do next in Panko. This is what I have but I can't trigger the glowing green boxes for some reason and can't think what else to do. IMG_3273.PNG


  • Thank you for the kind words, and I'm glad you like the level.  :)
    I can't actually see the image attached, it's just the image filename.  Could you describe a bit more about what portion of the level you're on?
    I might need to replay it myself to jog my memory.
  • I recorded this level some time ago but have not mustered the will to compile it into a video yet. Challenge accepted!
  • I think I know where you're having problems.

    You just found the exploding-blocks add-on to the right but you're not sure how to shoot and activate the exploding blocks to the left? If yes, then my hint would be that one can indeed activate the exploding blocks though things like a wall or in this case, a barrier of lava.

    I made a video of this level, if you need extra help, give it a watch!

  • Once again Fnanfne, amazing video!  And super helpful.  Thanks again!
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