Hoggy adventure's

for waiting Hoggy 2 coming out, try my level "Hoggy adventure's" ans have fun ! It's pretty hard, but VERY originql & funny


  • Now, you can play my level Squizz trash !!! One other level is in process, and is comming very soon, probably today, or max tommorow. It is very new concept for Hoggy, stay tunned the name of my next future level is Lost Hoggy
  • edited March 2017
    Sorry for the delay, but NOW, my bigger level "Lost Hohhy" is available. I have pass more of 10 hours to create this level, and ajust all details, like checkpoints, difficulty, coherence, and all settings of this level. But now it's done, enjoy with my new level ! But warning, this level is insane ! It's very hard !
  • I have now 73 level shared online !!! Wahou ! It's just a start ! My first target is 100 levels !!! After that, maybe 250, i don't know... But, what is your favorite level created by me into Hoggy 2 ?
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