DMD's 'Glitch Box' and Fomb's 'Pumping Iron'

Can anyone give me a clue with the levels as per subject?

In Glitch Box, I can get the Green Card, Jump, Gun, Double Jump and the Crystal. To activate the teleport , I'm cheating by utilizing the "exit/re-enter" bug and only after getting the Zoom app, can I insert the crystal but not at all sure what to do next.

Also, Fomb's take on this new bug with "Pumping Iron", I get to right at the end by making the computer happy and thus opening the door to get to Kitty but I can't jump out of the hole or even high enough to kill myself.


  • I guess it's not about Pumping Iron, but the King level.
    I struggled with this one, too. Until I discovered that you can use Acid Rain to solve it.
  • Yes correct. Good hint, got it thanks! What a neat little trick.

    What about your level, any useful hints you can dispense?
  • It's a matter of skillful jumps. Defense can be reached with Double Jump, with the right trajectory.
  • I don't get Pumping Iron at all, where are you even supposed to go to progress?
  • DMD discovered a new bug which Fomb exploits in Pumping Iron, see HERE...

  • That's insane; how could this have possibly been discovered
  • "Sometimes hacking is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect." :)
  • I don't get it at all
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