Complete welding guide?

It's totally unclear to me which secondary skills are worthwhile and how much they affect different weldings, is there a complete guide somewhere to all the different spells that can be welded and what the secondary skills that are attached to those spells will add to the welded spell? I Googled it but I couldn't find anything I'm interested in welding magic Missile and frost wind at the moment but I really did want a guide that explains all of the different possibilities if you Google it all you find is a lot of talk about flamelash which is clearly the best one but not much else.


  • Reminder: ultimate secondary spells(Immolate, ether charge, harden, hurricane) does not affect welding magic

    Fire+Arcane = Fire Missile

    It is basically a homing fireball. The secondary skills work exactly the same as they do to original spells. Normally, you only upgrade 1 explode, few amber, and max more missile (Smart missile is sort of controversial but you need at least one). Fire Missile is really solid welding spell but it can cause huge lag spikes (especially if you have lots of embers).

    Fire+Lighting = Flame Lash

    Strongest dps spell at the cost of ridiculous mana cost. If you want to go flame lash, you must have to deal with its mana cost by getting battle mage, channel mana. This spell acts like a normal lighting except it deal more damage, make enemies explode and release ember when they die(if you have explode or ember).

    Arcane+Lighting = Ball Lighting

    It works similar to magic missile except it fire more rapidly, flies slowly, deals damage-over-time, stuns enemy(if you have stun), and chains to nearby enemies when struck(if you have chaining). Compared to Fire Missile, it has lower damage, more attack speed, stun, and less lag. It is more defensive choice and quite decent if there was no frost missile.

    Arcane+Ice = Frost Missile

    Probably the most strongest spell in the game. Its damage is not strong but its strength comes from the ability to block arrows. When you get at least 1 lvl chill wind, your projectile blocks any arrows that contacts. Beside the arrow blocking, it also slows down enemies(slow rate based on chill wind level) and deals splash damage (radius based on cone of ice level). This spell is especially useful when you are in higher difficulties.

    Fire+Ice = Steam Jet

    The most useless welding spell in the game. The damage is pretty powerful because its fire spell but the steam block the view and it can never block arrows unlike other ice welding spells. This spell works similar to frost jet except it leaves steam which deals damage, shorter range, cannot block arrows, makes enemies explode and leave ember when they die (require explode or ember). 

    Lighting+Ice = Blizzard Beam

    Visually, it is the most op spell in the game. In reality, ehh... not as strong as you think. you basically shoot a beam that has infinite range and does not home. If you have chaining, however, chain lighting can hit nearby enemies  if your main beam is hitting an enemy. Chill wind and stun works exactly same and cone of ice increases the beam width slightly(very slightly). It is pretty cool spell(no pun intended) but its quite difficult to master because the width is not too wide. 

    If you need guides for Solomon Dark (an unfinished boneyard remake by Mr. Raptis), you can go to the link below:
    It is quite similar to the normal boneyard except few new stuff and balance changes.  
  • Anyway, with frost+fire it will behave like frost jet but drop embers and explode when you kill
    With frost+lightning it will get all of the subskills, although it will be in a straight line, but hitting everyone in that line, lightning arching from everyone hit. cone will widen the line
    Lightning+fire will become flame lash and will behave like the lightning (extremely high dps tho), but will once again only have fire ball properties on kill
    Fire+arcane will have all subskills again. (Multiple seeking fireballs)
    Lightning+arcane will be like arcane missile but with lightning properties on hit :3 I hope I could help ^^
  • When he says the flame lash mana cost is ridiculous, I can confirm that he is not exaggerating. On one of my better games, I got a flame lash which cost over 100 mana per second even with some battle Mage (I don't remember how much)
  • Also, for upgrading welds' damage output:
    Fire Missle, Flame Lash, Steam Jet (upgrade Fireball)
    Frost Missile, Blizzard Beam (upgrade Frost Jet)
    Ball Lightning (upgrade Lightning)
    I'm about 90% sure of this; it's been a while since I played any Solomon games, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this.
  • @EDLDS
    Both of the elements do determine the damage not one.
    For example, upgrading frost jet increases damage of steam jet just like fireball does.
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    Huh. I never knew that. I guess I had read somewhere that only one spell determines damage output. So yeah forget I said anything haha!
  • Ty for all the great info!
  • ok, so pepper, (you seem to be the most experienced here), at the end of the day, which is better overall considering all factors (mana cost, benefits of having the unique bonuses only pure spells get, etc.)? going pure or welding?
  • @phrostyphace

    In my opinion, best primary spells are Frost Jet, Lightning, Frost Missile(ice + ether).
    All of them have arrow blocking (lightning requires hurricane), decent crowd control, decent mana cost to be reliable, and easy aiming.

    Flame Lash is very good at late game when you have good items. However, your early to mid game will be really horrible due to high mana cost.

    Blizzard Beam is fine. The only problem is that it is difficult to block arrows compare to other ice welding spells.

    Fire Missile, Ball of LIghting is fine. One is hard hitting slowly shot one and other is fast shooting damage over time thing.

    Steam Jet? Never use this unless you are bored.It is just bad. (also cannot block arrows even though its ice welding spell)
  • Fireball is good at early game but falls off late game due to no defensive capability and high mana cost.

    Magic missile on the other hand are only useful for charging ether charge for boss fight. I recommend use magic missile as sub primary spell or welding ingredient for frost missile

    To sum up, you should start with pure element skill and when you have sufficient battle mage and channel mana (no mana up) start welding because welded magic tend to have more dps than pure one.
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    ok. i might try pure lightning though because i have never tried going to late game pure, and the hurricane sounds pretty OP late game. if i do want to try going pure 100% lightning have any particular tips?
  • Lighting's early game is very weak. The dps at the early level is horrible and subclass efficiency for each level is not good compared to fireball and frost jet. Thankfully, things do change once you deal with mana problems and get hurricane. 

    Get battle mage as much as possible.
    If you find staff or ring that increases battle mage level, the game will become piece of cake.
    You will need to do some grinding and resets to make sure you get sufficient level of battle mage.

    Hurricane works like this: as you hold your attack key, hurricane builds up and deals damage to every enemy on screen. I am not sure when does the arrow blocking starts but I am sure arrows begin to deflect when you have full charge of hurricane. 

    To be honest, I would say frost jet is a better pure element because lightning requires ultimate tier to block arrows while frost jet just requires level 1 of chill wind. Also, frost jet has easier early game for its subclass efficiency at level one is too great that you don't need to worry about putting skill points on sub skills early(which will drastically increase mana cost compared to upgrading base damage). Also, harden(frost jet ultimate tier subclass) increases survival greatly which can be exceptionally good for hardcore players. It can also weld into frost missile, probably the best weld spell in the game, in late game.

  • I have a quick question on welding. If I weld two spells that both have a few upgrades, if I upgrade the base spells after I have completed the weld does the weld gain the added/upgraded attribute or would I need to weld them again in order to get the upgrade?
    if you upgrade your base spell after welding, you need to weld again to apply that upgrade.
  • Thanks for the answer @peppermaster
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