Solomon Dark OP build with ether i'm sure this would have been fixed lol. yo peppermaster ether OP!

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anyways, in the vid i was like just spam cast leviathan, i did not mean to not use your magic missile, but in the early game leviathan is just great. obvs if you are flailing you can use your other skills to supplement. just try as much as possible to save those skill points in the early game (remember max is 9!) but DO NOT pass up the chance to grab necessary skills. as the game goes on you get less and less skill options for new unlearned stuff. at some point the game stopped offering me the opportunity to learn new skills entirely. you need to get telekinesis, focus, ring of ice is good but unnecessary and OF COURSE arcane shield. personally, i like teleport, but its unnecessary. 

if you have any questions ask lol.


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    It is quite awkward for me to see a youtube video mentioning my nickname.
    Just to be clear, I don't hate ether, but I hate fire. (I'll talk more about fire later)
    I know piercing magic missile is strong as I did went far enough to get discorporal with piercing magic missile (though I died after 30 minutes for dozing off). If you looked at my Solomon Dark guide, you can see that I did praised piercing magic missile. (

    What I consider the problem with ether is getting to the point of being strong. I did not grind items for this game mostly because I was busy data mining and testing new skills and attempting to fix meteor's ridiculous mana cost. Because of lack of proper items and perks, I did died quite a lot compared to my lighting and frost run. 

    The main reason why I favor frost and lighting(dark only) compared to ether is because both of them have good early game with little to no items. The late game? For frost, you just need to learn some magic missile to weld frost missile(my personal favorite) and you can put a pebble on your keyboard to win. For lighting, you just need to get some magic storm upgrades and prismatic shock and you will be fine until you get bored.

    But if you manage to get proper setting, everything except fire is op.


    1. You should try lighting. Mr. Raptis has buffed it quite a lot.
    2. hail frost jet  \(T )/
  • hahaha sorry for making it awkward for you, its a compliment. you have very deep posts on this forum about balance and guides, i repect that a lot. it is my intention to try lightning next, i also want to try a build that focuses deeply on magic storm built around that one perk that biases skill choices towards secondary skills. solomon dark is so fun its so sad this game was never completed :(
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    No, i mean it ffelt very interesting for being called out in a video. I just never seen a youtube video that actaully mentions me. I should have used more positive word for that.

    P.S. Magic storm is op
  • ....well and i thought i was good with ether... :))

    See pepper told you ether was the best :P
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