What is the greatest primary spell in the game?

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In Solomon Games, there are total 15 primary spell(including weld spell and earth) that you can choose from. Of the 15 spells you guys will love some of them while dislike some of them.  I want you guys to make two rankings of primary spells: one for strength, one for fun. 

These are the 15 spells of the game:

Magic Missile
Frost Jet

Ball Lightning(lightning+ether)
Burning Bolt(fire+ether)
Frost Missile(ice+ether)
Ethereal Boulder(ether+earth)
Steam Jet(fire+ice)
Flame Lash(fire+lightning)
Blizzard Beam(ice+lightning)
Crawling Shock(lightning+earth)
Meteor Swarm (fire+earth)(please disregard the mana problem )

Here are some references that might help you if you are not familiar with some new spells in Dark:

Primary Attack video by Raptisoft: 


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    Here are my ranks of skills:


    1. Frost Missile.
    2. LIghtning
    3. Frost Jet
    4. Magic Missile
    5. Flame Lash
    6. Blizzard Beam
    7. Ethereal Boulder
    8. Burning Bolt
    9. Ball Lightning
    10. Fireball
    11. Crawling Shock
    12. Hailstones
    13. Boulder
    14.Steam Jet
    15. Meteor Swarm


    1. Hailstones 
    2. Blizzard Beam 
    3. Boulder 
    4. Frost Jet (I just love Frost Jet)
    5. Flame Lash
    6. Lightning
    7. Fireball
    8. Meteor Swarm
    9. Ball Lightning
    10. Burning Bolt
    11. Ethereal Boulder
    12. Magic Missile
    13. Steam Jet
    14. Crawling Shock
    15. Frost Missile(too ez enough to make this game boring)
  • may i ask why you rank lightning above flame lash? is it because of hurricane? because in a vacuum flame lash seems better, it clears the screen almost instantaneously. also i know you have stated why you think crawling shock and meteor storm are bad but i think boulder is worse. 

    i hate hate HATE boulder, my least liked spell in the game. nothing less fun than sitting there charging up your boulder and you cant even cast any secondary spells or it will interrupt the charge.
  • @phrostyphace

    Lightning has two adventages: one is hurricane like you said, two is prismatic shock. Prismatic shock is a secondary spell that make enemies weak against lightning. This works well if you use lightning with magic storm.

    Meteor Swarm is the worst in strength rank because it has the worst accuracy of all primary spells. Even machine gunning the Hailstones has better chance to hit than Meteor Swarm. If we also consider the broken mana cost it has, you will want to use earth instead of that garbage.

    If you look at the strength ranks, Boulder is lower than Crawling Shock. The rank you are looking at is the fun rank, which has nothing to do with usefulness. 

    What I like about boulder is the challenging aspect of the spell. Because of slow fire rate, you have to carefully aim and use your secondary spell(especially stone golem) wisely. If you are worried about interrupting the charge, you should use your secondary spells before you charge (the charge time is tolerable if you have decent amount of hasten rock). Also, it has really low mana cost that I had to increase it a bit to make it require some battle mage and channel mana.
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