Skill choices bugged

I know that Solomon Dark isn’t going to be supported anymore but I’ve been having some problems and wanted to know if it’s common and if there’s anything I can do.

The first is sometimes the skill choices offered stop updating and start always giving me the same skills every level. The only way to get something new is to max out one of my skills

Secondly possibly related to the first the concentration for creativity is broken it does not trigger anywhere close to 20% of the time. I have even tried upping it to 90 or 100% in the text files and it still won’t trigger (this might be because I didn’t modify the right value but I tested it on channel manna and managed to change that)

Third when I get to around level 75 and level up my level jumps to 131 and usually crashes when picking skills. (Giving myself a lot of skill points via dark cloud will also crash the game in a similar way) sometimes this also results in all my skills being replaced by “elemental flourish” but seems purely visual since the buttons still work. This also ALWAYS triggers problem #1
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