Spell balancing suggestions

(if any of this has been addressed already let me know :P)

while i love the solomon games in general, the balance of power has a huge gap from basically anything except for frost jet, due to the massive attack range and immunity to melee/archers with chill wind. 

in pretty much any game where an ice mage is offered i choose that anyways simply because their control/aoe is generally higher then other options, but the other specializations are still a viable choice, in SB (and SK?) thats really not an option, as the arrows are too accurate and eventually you cant even stutter step to throw the archers off just due to the constant volley being fired at you, so your basically forced to chose frost if you want to progress past level 20 (i know you can just constantly kite with magic missile, or get hurricane 2+(3+?) and survive, but that takes a LOT more work)

so to counter this imbalance, i would either:

1. nerf archers, by reducing 1 stat by a large amount, or all stats by a smaller amount, damage, fire rate, accuracy (distance based? short range high acc long range low?) and also remove chill winds arrow knockback ability

2. keep archers the same, still remove chill winds arrow knockback, but add some way to combat arrows through secondary skills, like for X seconds after using fire wave, gain an aura of flame that incinerates arrows before they make contact that surrounds you, acid cloud, disintegrates arrows that pass through it, frost nova gains a thick layer of ice that blocks projectiles for X seconds ect..

3. add some way to combat arrows to all of the elements, like for fire, change embers into burning trail or something (embers was useless VS bosses and ghosts) that leaves a trail of fire that lasts for 1/2/4 (as it levels) seconds when you cast fireball that damages enemies (to replace the lost damage from embers) and burns arrows that try to pass through it, 

for lightning incorporate magnetism into one of the secondaries, probably stun, to deflect arrows using magnetism (having them bounce away slightly at level 1, and increasing the bounce distance as it levels, allowing the arrows to damage enemies)

as for magic missile, i have no idea how to incorporate it into a secondary skill, so maybe just add all these as a third skill for each element? but whenever they are struck by an arrow they phase out for 2/3/5 seconds so all arrows pass through them

and if you add a third skill to all the classes, for ice since they dont need an arrow deflection, could get frozen trail or something, they leave a trail of ice on the ground where they walk for X seconds that increases there movement speed when they travel back on it, perhaps freezing enemies at a low chance when they walk over it

any other suggestions from people?

i know some/most of these probably wouldnt be able to be added to the revamped SK just because of the extra coding and such you would have to do, but maybe keep them in mind when you come back to make son of solomon?


  • I don't think arrows are much of a problem in SK, but if he was still making Dark then yes I would agree with adding other ways to combat them. 

    But they aren't
    that hard to dodge. If he were to nerf them I would suggest this: It seems like there is math being done to predict the player position and shooting to a spot where you would collide with the arrow. My only suggestion with arrow nerfing would be to make it just a tiiinnyyyy bit worse at prediction. If you are running full speed perpendicular to an archers fire then he will normally miss you by just a tiny bit. Im suggesting make that tiny bit like 1.5x as big. Or perhaps make all predictions based on a non-modified running speed (or if its slower) That way you could sacrifice a ring slot or level to get a quicker running speed, therefore dodging arrows more easily.
  • that works fine for a single arrow, or even a small group of them, but when you get surrounded in a crossfire or even just 2 groups, by dodging one arrow you walk into another. and yea i didnt find arrows to be much of an issue in SK, but like i said i doubt he would have time to adjust for SK without delaying it, this was aimed more twords future solomon games
  • Arrows really aren't that bad. I generally upgrade chill wind last, cone of ice all the way haha
  • ive never intentionally let myself break my magic shield and get hit with an arrow, but i think i will just to see the damage at the later stages, im pretty sure it will only take like 1-3 arrows to kill me from full hp, ill post again after i try it (busy atm so wont be for a little while)
  • it will take 2. One to get you to blinking, and one to kill. Nothing can kill you straight from full health. Always at least 2 hits from 2hp+
  • so how can you say arrows arent that bad if you know it only takes 2 shots? atleast on archer heavy levels, theres 50+ arrows on screen at all times untill you kill them, and thats not including dodging mage missles and melee fighters, chill wind might be the last thing you get using ice (me aswell) but by the time you max everything else you want to max, and get a single point into chill wind, the arrows are still managable.. expecially using the secondary skills perk where you start with chill wind.. the whole point is that (atleast in SB) you simply cant progress as far without using ice
  • I know it only takes two shots because when I get hit by one my health blinks and then I drink a potion and then keep dodging for a while and when I get hit I drink another potion. By the end of round 35 I normally have a couple hundred potions.
  • thats waaaay too much pausing for my tastes... but to each thier own
  • I dont pause that often, I dodge them most of the time. I buy the upgrades for the quicker running then i put on my +2 to all skills rings and at that point i have level 7 and im running around like Usain Bolt lol
  • oh.. well i dont have +2 to all skills rings, i always have 3 in the runspeed thing, but thats not enough to dodge arrows from multiple angles constantly... are +2 to all skills rings really rare? or are they just from that cloud share file that no longer works?because i have gotten tons or the other "rare" rings, but never a +2 (or even +1) to all skills ring.. and the +2 rings.. what does magic shield and magic circle look like with 2 of those on?(i use +200% mana recovery and +100% exp rings prettymuch the entire time, swapping the mana recovery one out for either 50% mana recov and +4 damage or 150% faster caster)
  • I havent played in a long time so I dont remember the actual stats of them. I never get magic circle though, I always get freeze, teleport, and magic shield. 

    +2 to all skills rings as far as i can tell can only be hacked in. I uploaded that file a long time ago, people kept messing it up I told them not to haha
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