Solomon's Challenge II: Meteor Madness

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This challenge's topic is Meteor Swarm. Meteor Swarm has been unusable for its unreasonable mana cost. For those who want to use Meteor Swarm without this stupid mana problem, I have created this challenge to give a taste of how Meteor Swarm feels like. Unleash the power of meteor to the hoard of undeads and defeat the discorporeal to win the challenge!


1. Get Meteor Swarm ASAP and do not use fireball or boulder when you get it.

2. Start with either fire or earth element. You may choose discipline you like.

3. Be sure to equip the given equipment before confronting Solomon.

4. Do not get mana related skills because you already have 100% mana reduction.


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    How to play

    1. Download this file:'s challenge ii.boneyard?dl=0

    2.Open your SolomonDark folder 

    3.Go to sandbox->DarkCloud->mylevels

    4.Put the downloaded file to that folder 

    5. Open Solomon Dark

    6. Go to explore dark cloud and open the solomon's challenge II(press edit)

    7.Click Boneyard settings (sqaure icon with lines) , expand test setting, then change test element to Earth or Fire element. Do not change other settings unless you are a cheater.

    8. Click flask button to start.

    9. Before confronting Solomon, wear hood, staff, and robe in your inventory.

    10. Survive until you defeat the discorporeal!

  • Going away for a few days but this sounds mega fun can't wait to try when I get back
  • Warning: I recommend pressing the q button rapidly when the game start to put on equipment before select skill point screen shows. I was planning to make player level up after meeting solomon but the game somehow does not let me save the change in this map. 
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