Looking for someone with a copy of Hoggy Lite

Originally, Hoggy was released along with a separate demo version called Hoggy Lite. It was taken down long ago, but still has historical value because its levels are different from the main game.

Unfortunately, John no longer has any of its components. As such, the only remaining way to resurrect it is to extract the levels from a copy of the game and port them to either the main game's PC build or Hoggy 2.

This is why I'm making this topic. Does anyone here still have Hoggy Lite? If so, would you be willing to jailbreak your phone and upload it?


  • I have started the remaster of some Hoggy lite levels in the makermall.. actually, I have found some of Hoggy lite levels. i have remastered 1 of them

    "Hoggy lite revival 1"
  • How did you find them?
  • with a little luck. But now, I need the Hoggy lite game for more... I have some parts of some levels of Hoggy Lite... 7-8 I think... But NOT complete levels..... I work very hard to found a copy of that...
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