Weekly #15(?)

Hi everyone! 

Its been a while since the past weekly. Someone needs to start making them every week to give us more to talk about.

I recently started running to try to get back into shape. I ran a mile without stopping on sunday, it felt absolutely horrible but I did it. Today I did it again, slower though. I need to build up some endurance haha. 
Also I've been playing this game Reign of Kings, its in early access. It has a really unique gameplay. One of the first games with an original idea in a long long time. It's certainly unfinished though, I wouldn't recommend buying it if you don't believe it already looks worth the money. The people developing it have been known to abandon projects, but I got sucked in again D: It is fun though, if you enjoy that kind of game.
Its like a survival sandbox, but there's a castle on one part of the map and you can claim it and try to protect it from other people. The servers get wiped frequently so it's kind of disappointing when your hard work goes away but it also sucks if someone hacks (the anti hack is very poor right now, its all client side, its getting better though) and takes control of the castle forever until the wipe. They're working on a decay system that way if someone quits the server their claim will disappear after like a week of them being gone.


  • hey, yea it would be nice to have more to talk about, i check the forums probably 2-3 times a day to see if anyone says anything lol, but as for who should do it, well... it was your suggestion, so.... yea :P

    as for the running thing, thats good for you, a lot of people get complacent and then dont bother doing anything like that. i wish i could run but i cant, was literally just in the hospital yesterday from my asthma, and that was just while sitting in the house i had the attack, just thinking about running makes me feel another attack coming on x.x

    for the game you mentioned, survival/sandbox games are decent, but not really my cup of tea, especially when its a server based thing with other people, and then the poor hacking control ties the whole thing off with a big no thank you lol.. the game genre that i really like is pure fantasy rpg's (grid based, turn based, ctb, atb, anything lol) like final fantasy (x and lower, dont like their new battle systems of selecting a target, and using a skill every now n then while waiting for it to die, or swapping different preset ai's) suikoden, chrono trigger/cross, vandal hearts etc, so if anyone finds a game like that be sure to let me know :P

    as ive said in other posts, im also beginning to be a fan of roguelike games aswell, and the solomon series is basically a mash of the 2 so ofcourse i love that too :P
  • Final fantasy 3 is my favorite final fantasy. If you haven't played that one I definitely suggest it. 
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    i have all of them up to X-2, with the exception of ff9, loved them all and thoroughly abused them till i got 100% completes (except X-2.. that game killed me to play, but i finished it to the end cuz ill be damned if i payed $60 for a game and dont beat it x.x)

    edit- thats including the spinoffs like ff tactics and chocobo racing n such
  • Nice. I only ever played a little bit into 1-2 and 4-6 cuz it felt like the combat was weird. I loved 3 though Ive played it like 4 times and I did one character challenge and beat the iron giant thing. it was difficult. the battle took 20 mins. haha. I have a video of it somewhere..
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