can someone link me please?

hi all, i try to download SD but when i execute the .exe file, my pc evry time wrote an error allert and dosen't open it. Someone can link me for try?


  • Also, I believe in the "sandbox" folder

    You need to great a notepad file and type "Fullscreen=true"  Save it in the sandbox folder then open the exe.

    If that doesn't work I'll send you my working version of SD
  • Was Solomon dark released today? I had heard it might but can't find it
  • @Schliematt

    no Solomon Dark was canceled already and the remnants of it scatters around the internet. Today, there was a new update on Solomon's Boneyard on both iOS and Android. If you want to try Solomon Dark, go to the link I put above and download it.
  • Yeah I knew it was cancelled but in the last week or so I read it said on these forums between like 8am to midnight it would be available on the site on Halloween for pc only with a version that was
    basically as far as he got with it.

    It was something recently posted I thought, but maybe it was from 2016 and got posted on again, so it popped back up in the list or something? When I googled it, I found a lot of oct 2016 entries that it was available Halloween. If so I guess I got my hopes up lol. But least we got the awesome boneyard to play. I'll give that file above a try later.
  • @johnycash99 it doesn't work.
    can you send me yours?
  • @johnycash99 
    it dosen't work...  :( sand me your please
  • It worked on my pc, after i created a notepad file and typed "Fullscreen=false" (not "true" like johny said)
    Then once the game is launched you need to go in -->settings-->fullscreen : "on".

    The first launch create everything you need in the sandbox folder, but for the first time you launch the game you need to create this file.

    Hope it will work for you too.
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