Hey guys, ET5DAZZXX here:

I took a very long break from this game. I don't know if anyone still plays this game or is even active on this new forum. (I don't see anything, so I'm assuming no ;-;) I'm here to say I'm getting back on this game. If anyone is still alive, comment.



  • This is literally the only game I'm playing on my iPhone! There really is no other game I enjoy (suggestions?) and RwK is just so cool. Glad to see you here on the new forum, it has been lonely. It's a shame the previous forum died though, there were some great threads which some folk put a lot of time into creating, alas.

    Hey nice comeback level! Still busy playing it and there's almost an hour on the clock already, good times.
  • Lol really? I thought it turned out bad :p
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