Boneyard update

Hey all, I'd love to see a boneyard perk that introduces staves! whats a fair price for that? 100K?
What do we think?


  • No doubt that would be exciting, but currently he is working on another game, and that sounds even More exciting! Woo!
    Anyways, I think his updating the current Solomon games is over, unless they need to be updated for new devices. 
  • The only update to boneyard i wouldn't mind, is a secondary health bar, to show the health absorb of magic shield, so you know when it will pop :P
  • edited February 2015
    What I currently want the most is coop multiplayer. Ik new Solomon's keep is going to have that but multiplayer for the originals wold be so awesome, as the single player is stopping some of my friends from trying it and the few friends I've gotten to try have loved it and also would want to play coop.
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